Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho

From being a singing pair in Celebrity Duets to endorsers of Belo Medical, the latest about the two is that Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho had an affair.


As the videos being circulated now show, Katrina and Hayden started with some sizzling practice sessions in preparation for their Careless Whisper performance on Celebrity Duets (September 30, 2007). In the actual performance, things had to be toned down as Vicky Belo herself explained, baka magalit si Laguardia.

Eventually, off stage, things turned even hotter. And the world now can see what happened because of the videos. OK, the resolution is not that clear, but the couple were caught on cam while having sex.

So when Vicky Belo found out about this video, did she really want it erased? Or did she think of distributing it around to destroy Katrina and Hayden? Hayden did this mock suicide with all the drama of writing “I love you Vicky” on his body. Then eventually things subsided. Katrina was just about to have her next endorsement with Belo’s Flawless. And then videos came out.

It seems somebody realized they can’t let go of Katrina for the sake of the business and instead of destroying her, they have to keep her. Sorry na lang, the accomplices wanted their share. Things turned sour and now they have to hide.

Where is this Chua person, accordingly the owner of one or more Gigahertz (GHZ) Computer branch/es?