Marky Cielo’s death: Bangungot or suicide?

His life has turned into a reality show. Even in his death.

The morning of December 7th was a Sunday morning when Marky Cielo did not wake up. While there is still no official word as to the cause of his death, the silence is fanning speculations. Was is really bangungot (acute pancreatitis a la Rico Yan), or was it suicide?

  • Someone said in the forums that his mother said something like sana patawarin ka ng Diyos sa inyong ginawa.
  • Why was his neck covered?
  • Suot niya ang kanyang suit na ginamit noon sa grand finals ng kanyang StarStruck season. Kapansin-pansing napakataas ng saradong kuwelyo ni Marky na takip ang kanyang leeg. [^]

  • Why was crying the day before? What was his problem? Why death threats? What has this problem got to do with his death?
  • If it was suicide, could it be that he thought it was the only honorable thing to do? He was, afterall, a good person and people look up to him because of that.

    In the end, all reality shows have to face reality. And what his family and fans are asking is some privacy, please. Let truth take its time.

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