Marky Cielo’s death: Bangungot or suicide?

His life has turned into a reality show. Even in his death.

The morning of December 7th was a Sunday morning when Marky Cielo did not wake up. While there is still no official word as to the cause of his death, the silence is fanning speculations. Was is really bangungot (acute pancreatitis a la Rico Yan), or was it suicide?

  • Someone said in the forums that his mother said something like sana patawarin ka ng Diyos sa inyong ginawa.
  • Why was his neck covered?
  • Suot niya ang kanyang suit na ginamit noon sa grand finals ng kanyang StarStruck season. Kapansin-pansing napakataas ng saradong kuwelyo ni Marky na takip ang kanyang leeg. [^]

  • Why was crying the day before? What was his problem? Why death threats? What has this problem got to do with his death?
  • If it was suicide, could it be that he thought it was the only honorable thing to do? He was, afterall, a good person and people look up to him because of that.

    In the end, all reality shows have to face reality. And what his family and fans are asking is some privacy, please. Let truth take its time.

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    Marky Cielo Timeline

    StarStruck 3 Ultimate Survivors
    StarStruck 3 Ultimate Survivors
    StarStruck 3 Final 4
    StarStruck 3 Final 4

    GMA 7 to begin intense ‘StarStruck’ season
    Manila Times – Dec 21, 2005
    Jana Roxas of Tarlac, Vaness del Moral of Baguio, Marky Cielo of Mt. Province, Arci Muñoz and Rea Nakpil of Rizal, Jackie Rice of Olongapo, …

    Young Dabawenyo still shines on ‘StarStruck’ – Dec 22, 2005
    … Jana Roxas of Tarlac, Vaness del Moral of Baguio, Marky Cielo of Mt. Province, Arci Muñoz and Rea Nakpil of Rizal, Jackie Rice of Olongapo, …

    Repackaged Starstruck Finalists: Three to get the boot!
    Manila Bulletin Jan 21, 2006
    Into Malou Ocho Fagar’s lap landed Starstrucks hopefuls Bugz Daigo, Jackie Rice and Vivo Ouano; Douglas Quijano got Marky Cielo, Jana Roxas and Chuck Allie …
    Repackaged Starstruck Finalists: Three to get the… – Manila Bulletin
    Managers ‘repackage’ StarStruck Final 9 –

    ‘Starstruck’ Season 3: And then there were four
    Manila Bulletin Mar 1, 2006
    … provided the positive TV when at the Broadway Centrum, “StarStruck Season 3″ announced its Final 4: Iwa Moto, Gian Carlos, Jackie Rice and Marky Cielo. …
    DAVAO – Still a showbiz career for Chuck – Sun Star News

    Philippine Headline News – Mar 4, 2006
    The four survivors are Jackie Rice of Olongapo, Marky Cielo of Mt. Province, Iwa Moto of Las Pinas and Gian Carlos of Iloilo. The inclusion of Iwa was a big …

    Marky Cielo and Jackie Rice, ultimate ‘Starstruck’ survivors
    Manila Bulletin Mar 14, 2006
    Marky delivered a dance number that wowed the ‘council of judges’ which … We did it with Mark Herras [now] si Marky ang bagong Bad Boy ng Dance Floor! …

    Entertainment – Marky and ‘ukay-ukay’ votes
    Philippine Daily Inquirer Mar 15, 2006
    WAS IT THE SO-CALLED UKAY-UKAY vote that gave Marky Cielo the title of … A huge banner that says, “Marky Cielo, Pride of the Cordillera,” hangs from the …

    StarStruck winner invited to grace Lang-ay Festival
    Sun Star News Mar 17, 2006
    MARKY Cielo, the recent winner of GMA-7’s top-rated talent search and one of the most celebrated personalities in the entertainment industry today, …

    DOT ‘poster boy’ Marky – Mar 19, 2006
    BAGUIO CITY—LOCAL TOURISM OFFICIALS are tapping “Starstruck Ultimate Survivor” Marky Cielo as one of the Department of Tourism’s major endorsers of the …

    Marky Cielo, the first Igorot to join Philippine show business?
    Manila Bulletin Mar 21, 2006
    For this, Marky is most proud and happy. But most of all, he is proud and … In a recent interview, Marky expressed great pride for what he has achieved. …

    Marky Cielo Timeline

    Magpakailanman: The Marky Cielo Story

    Marky Cielo Magpakailanman

    Stylized so non-Igorots can identify who the Igorot are. But really, we don’t have to wear those things to be called Igorot. Like yung bedbed ni Marky, mid met men-us-usar is teenager is kegtusa on an ordinary day. It’s not that I’m not proud of it, ngem, I hate it when we have to be seen only in this certain package.

    Someone’s insisting that they saw Marky Cielo in New York. Iba pa daw nung sina Mark Herras.

    Ows, sha kad?