Video Scandal

Some online users have been searching for the Mikael Daez scandal. It is supposed to be a video taken by someone who looks like Mikael Daez. The guy is naked and facing a mirror (so he could take a video of himself). Apparently, the guy is fondling himself. The video is nowhere to be found and links to video downloads are most likely not worth the time. What is available is a photograb which was posted on Fashion Pulis. Check it out.

Since it is only a picture, some would say it is just Photoshop. So in I am Noypi, the pic is compared with other Mikael Daez images. You can compare the eyes, the jaw, the abs and the belly button. What do you think?

Mikael Daez was first noticed in the Jollibee Champ TV commercial. He appeared in Bampirella and will be playing a main character in Amaya. He is part of the movie Temptation Island, a remake that also reminds you of Survivor.

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